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èѴ Table Setting

èѴ  Table Setting

How to set a Table


A. Napkin
B. Service Plate
C. Soup Bowl
D. Butter Plate/Butter Knife
    or Salad Plate
E. Water Glass
F. White Wine
G. Red Wine


H. Fish Fork
I. Dinner Fork
J. Salad Fork
K. Service Knife
L. Fish Knife
M. Soup Spoon
N. Dessert Fork/Spoon



Which Glasses go with which Drink


: http://www.6869.com/cookbook/table_setting_ideas.html#DINNER

 Breakfast Table Setting


If you want to treat your loved ones with a perfect breakfast, follow these table setting suggestions.

A. Napkin
B. Luncheon Plate
C. Cereal Bowl
D. Bread and Butter Plate
E. Cup and Saucer with teaspoon
F. Water glass
G. Juice glass
H. Fork
I. Knife
J. Teaspoon

Lunch Table Setting

Your lunch becomes a perfect experience for your guests with the right lunch table setting. Follow our lunch guide and enjoy.

A. Napkin
B. Luncheon Plate
C. Soup (or other first course plate) on a liner plate
D. Bread and butter plate with butter knife
E. Water glass
F. wine glass
G. Luncheon Fork
H. Knife
I. Teaspoon
J. Soup spoon

Dinner Table Setting

Choose this table setting for a dinner with friends or family. It's not too formal but still complete and ideal for a family dinner.

A. Napkin
B. Dinner Plate
C. Salad Plate
D. Bread and Butter Plate with butter knife
E. water glass
F. Fork
G. Knife
H. Teaspoon


Formal Dinner Table Setting

If you want to prepare a dinner for a formal occasion, choose this table setting.

A. Napkin
B. Service plate
C. Soup bowl on a liner plate
D. Bread and Butter Plate with butter knife
E. Water glass
F. Wine glass
G. Wine glass
H. Salad Fork
I. Dinner Fork
J. Dessert Fork
K. Knife
L. Teaspoon
M. Soup Spoon

  : http://stylecooker.com/tableset.html








Serviette (napkin)

Service plate

Soup bowl on plate

Bread & butter plate
with butter knife

Water glass






White wine

Red wine

Fish fork

Dinner Fork

Salad fork





Service knife

Fish knife

Soup spoon

Dessert spoon and cake fork

Note that it often is recommended that the salad fork (J) is placed to the left of the dinner fork (I). However, in this formal setting the dinner fork is placed to be used before the salad fork because it is suggested that the guest awaits the main meal before helping him/herself to the salad.

What to do when

When to start eating:
Despite what mother told you, culinary experts say you do not always have to wait for everyone to begin - start eating hot food when it is served. For cold foods or buffets, wait for the host to announce dinner, and wait until the head guest starts dishing.

Foods you can get by hand:
1. Bread: break slices of bread, rolls and muffins in half or into small pieces by hand before buttering.
2. Bacon: if there's fat on it, eat it with a knife and fork. If it is crisp, crumble it with a fork and eat with your fingers.
3. Finger meals: follow the cue of your host. If finger meals are offered on a platter, place them on your plate before putting them into your mouth.
4. Foods meant to be eaten by hand: corn on the cob, spareribs, lobster, clams and oysters on the half shell, chicken wings and bones (in informal situations), sandwiches, certain fruits, olives, celery, dry cakes and cookies.

Removing inedible items from your mouth:
1. Olive pits: drop delicately into your palm before putting them onto your plate.
2. Chicken bone: use your fork to return it to the plate.
3. Fish bones: remove with your fingers.
4. Bigger pieces: bigger bones or food you don't appreciate you should surreptitiously spit into your serviette (napkin), so that you can keep it out of sight.

 Which glasses go with what drinks

Wine connoisseurs agree that each type of wine needs a particular type of glass to bring out the distinctive bouquet. Using a narrow glass for a rich Burgundy, for example, won't allow enough room to swirl it around in, and it's the swirl that brings out its bouquet. The glass also needs to taper properly toward the top so that it captures the bouquet yet allows for sipping. In general, the stem of a glass should be long enough to keep hands from touching the bowl, which can affect the wine's temperature, and therefor its bouquet.

Water | Brandy | White wine | Pinor Noir/Burgundy | Sparkling wine | Red wine

a. Water: full body glass with short stem. Hold the glass by the stem to preserve its chill.
b. Brandy: brandy snifter. Roll the snifter between both hands and then cup it in one hand - warming the glass brings out the bouquet in brandy.
c. White wine: slightly smaller glass with wider bowl to capture the bouquet. Hold the glass by the stem to preserve its chill.
d. Burgundy Reds and Pinot Noirs: a wide bowl to bring out their complexity. The glass is slightly taller than the white wine glass.
e. Champagne: a narrow fluted glass, which reduces the wine's surface area and keep the bubbles from dissipating.
f. Red wine: the bigger of the wine glasses. Hold the glass at the bottom of the bowl where it meets the stem.

Now that you have the correct table setting and the proper wine glasses, see which wines go best with what food, and then make

: http://www.didyouknow.cd/info/tablesettings.htm


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