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FB : Pipat surangkana

Id Line : Pinjujub

Instagram : pinto pinpatchokchaiyo

ŧҹ                                 1. 2551 - ŧɳ ˹ѧ͸áԨ㹽ѹ ʡ

                                         2. 2552 - ŧɳ ˹ѧ ELLE Decoration ͹硷èѴ§ ҹ

                                         3.2553 - ŧɳ ˹ѧ; Bangkok post ͵ͧ

                                            4. 2553 –Ѵҹ͡ ͧ 36 зǧҸóآ

                                             5. 2555 - Ѵҹä͡ ҹͧ觧ҹͧ Ҫͧ 7 þѷ

                                           6. 2555 – Ѵҹä͡  ͧ šҡ

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